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Best Beaches in Rio de Janeiro - (Part 1)

29/10/2019 16:00
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Best Beaches in Rio de Janeiro - (Part 1)

melhores praias do rio de janeiro

Rio de Janeiro is undoubtedly one of the most sought after states by tourists. With many world-famous sights and breathtaking views, Rio de Janeiro is the only city in Brazil among the 100 most visited cities in the world.

Sights such as Christ the Redeemer Statue, Sugar Loaf Mountain, Santa Teresa, Tijuca Forest, Maracanã Stadium, Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon, Municipal Theater, Pedra da Gavea, Botanical Garden, Sambadrome, Copacabana Fort, Arcos da Lapa and much more more, they make the city of Rio de Janeiro a spectacle for tourists.

But how to come to Rio de Janeiro and not know its famous and beautiful beaches? That's right! The beaches are very sought after and cannot be part of

any itinerary. And to make it easier for you, we will list in this article 5 beaches of

the city of Rio de Janeiro that will delight everyone:

  • Copacabana Beach

It is the most famous in the state, is located in the south of Rio de Janeiro and is

surrounded by hotels and restaurants. As a trademark, it has its boardwalk with

Portuguese wave-shaped stones.

  • Ipanema Beach

Also located in the South Zone of Rio de Janeiro, it is 2 km long, lies between

Arpoador and Jardim de Alah and is very popular with locals and tourists.

  • Arpoador Beach

With 800 meters long, it is the beach the way youth and surfers enjoy the best and biggest waves. With cooler air, the beach has an urbanized air. It has the Arpoador Rock which is a sought after spot to enjoy the sea, watch the sunset and take beautiful and impressive photos.

  • Leblon beach

Located in the Leblon neighborhood, one of the most valued neighborhoods of Rio de Janeiro. It has many bars, restaurants, and kiosks, thus offering an excellent infrastructure for tourists.

  • Pepê Beach

This is a popular place for sports and for being used by many artists.

These are just some of the wonderful beaches that Rio de Janeiro offers. In other posts, we will give you more amazing beach tips to enjoy on your next trip.

So now pack your bags and have a nice trip!


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