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Best Beaches in Rio de Janeiro - (PART 2)

03/12/2019 12:06
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Best Beaches in Rio de Janeiro - (PART 2)

Here in our BLOG we always talk about the wonders of Rio. A truly wonderful city, with many sights that please all tastes. What is not lacking in Rio is a fun option.

Here you can enjoy beautiful parks to rest such as Parque Lage, Botanical Garden, and Quinta da Boa Vista. You can also visit the Historic Center with Museums, Municipal Theater, and the National Library. Famous sights such as Christ the Redeemer and Sugar Loaf are also available. If you are adventurous, you can still take incredible trails that offer unbelievable views. You can even take a helicopter ride over various sights that will surprise and delight you. Now if you enjoy a beach and don't miss an opportunity to meet new ones, Rio is the right place for you. A state full of beautiful beaches for a beautiful sunny day, or even enjoy a sunset that will be unforgettable.

And to help you, we separated more information from some beaches in Rio that will delight you. See the tips:

  • Little beach

It is a beach in Rio's West Region. Surrounded by mountains, Prainha is between the Grumari and Recreio dos Bandeirantes neighborhoods. With only 150 meters, it is an environmental protection area of Rio. With a preserved beach air, Prainha is very frequented by surfers, due to its natural beauty and great waves. Sometimes it is the stage of surf championships. Its infrastructure is not large, but it serves the visitors well.

  • Booking

Beach between the neighborhoods of Recreio dos Bandeirantes and Barra da Tijuca, is located in an ecological reserve area. Beach with clean waters and soft sands, has an infrastructure with kiosks to serve its visitors well. An excellent option for those who want to escape the hustle and bustle of the South Zone and enjoy a calm and extensive beach to rest.

  • Joatinga Beach

The beautiful Joatinga beach is located in the west of Rio de Janeiro and is 300 meters long. If you are looking for tranquility and privacy, this beach is perfect for you. It is rarely crowded, even on holidays and weekends. Beach that attracts bodyboarders. To get to this beach, it is necessary to go inside a condominium of Estrada do Joá and then make a trail that will offer beautiful photos of the region.

  • Grumari Beach

With 2.5 km long, it is located in the West Zone of Rio. With crystal clear waters and surrounded by hills and vegetation, it is a perfect beach to enjoy the day. With perfect waves, it is a popular beach for surfers.

  • Dangerous Beach

To get to Perigoso Beach you have to do a 40-minute trail or by boat. Considered one of the wildest beaches in the region, besides being in the preservation area. It is located between Barra de Guaratiba and Grumari. There is no trade in the region.

Rio is full of beautiful beaches. Waste no more time and come visit the  wonderful City!


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