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Best itinerary to do in Rio in a weekend

11/05/2021 12:34
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 Best itinerary to do in Rio in a weekend

Are you going to visit the Marvelous City? Take advantage of our short itinerary tips, taking advantage of the main attractions of the city of Rio de Janeiro, such as Sugarloaf Mountain, Christ the Redeemer and much more! Keep reading this article and check it out!

Short and amazing itineraries to enjoy Rio de Janeiro in a weekend

Rio is one of those tourist destinations most sought after by foreigners and Brazilians not only in summer, but in all seasons. Whichever season you choose, you're sure to find a huge variety of cultural and nature attractions.

If your next trip will be to Rio, but you won't be in the city for long, we have prepared a 2-day itinerary.

Important extra tips before starting your tour:

• Don't get stuck on the agenda, it can be chosen according to availability and climate as well.
• Once you arrive in the city, leave your bags at the hotel, prepare a backpack with basic items that will be used on the tour, take the opportunity to recharge your cell phone, get your sunscreen           and go enjoy the city.

Day 1 – Postcards

A day to discover the famous sights of Rio, so opt for comfortable shoes!

For the first tour we separate the Corcovado. Its location is between the Dona Marta Viewpoint and the Botanical Gardens. As it is one of the main tourist attractions in the city, it is usually crowded with tourists and you may need a little patience.

You can access it by train from Corcovado, by taxi or by uber. If you take the adventurous line, you can access it through a trail that starts at Parque Lage.

This tour is an excellent tip, as in addition to visiting the Corcovado Mountain, climbing to the top you will also know Christ the Redeemer. If you manage to leave the hotel early, you can still enjoy the morning contemplating the view of this beautiful city and then enjoy a delicious lunch.

And to enjoy every minute of your day, our tip is to start your afternoon visiting Sugarloaf Mountain, one of the most popular attractions in Rio. As it is in the afternoon, you can watch a stunning sunset. Take the opportunity to take beautiful photos of the location and view of the city.

And to close the first day, enjoy the night in Lapa. Streets full of bars and restaurants that will suit all tastes.

Day 2 – Beaches

Beach in Rio de Janeiro is a must-see. So enjoy a day of relaxation in this paradise.

There is no shortage of beach options in Rio. It's really hard to choose one.

Copacabana Beach is an excellent option. One of the most famous in the world, it is frequented by locals and tourists. Strong waves, good infrastructure and good stretch of sand.

Walking along the Copacabana boardwalk is also an excellent walk. Take the opportunity to taste the delicious caipirinhas from the kiosks.

One option is to have lunch in Copacabana itself and then head to Ipanema for an afternoon at sunset.

Ipanema is very close to Copacabana and you can walk along the shore. Ipanema is almost always crowded and has street vendors.

We created this basic and simple itinerary for those who only have a few days in the wonderful city, but this itinerary can be adapted to enjoy what you like most in Rio. Now prepare your backpack and enjoy the trip

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