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Enjoying Carnival in Rio de Janeiro

18/02/2020 12:38
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Enjoying Carnival in Rio de Janeiro

carnaval no rio de janeiro

Carnival is coming and you are one of the privileged ones who will enjoy this holiday in Rio de Janeiro? Congratulations!!!! You deserve!

But have you already made your schedule for your days in Rio? Rio has many options for tours and it is obvious that the famous sights are very visited, but at Carnival, the revelry spots are especially sought after by Cariocas and tourists.

Rio de Janeiro's Carnival is very democratic and caters for all tastes and ages.There is no lack of reason for much joy and fun.

  • Rehearsals of samba schools

If you arrived in Rio in advance, enjoy your stay and visit the rehearsals of the samba schools. They are excellent and make you enter with everything in the rhythm of the carnival. Quadras da Mangueira, Salgueiro and Vila Isabel are great options.

  • Street blocks

Cheaper option to enjoy the carnival is to have a lot of fun with the street blocks that fill the streets of the Marvelous City. You can find traditional blocks such as Cordão do Bola Preta, Banda de Ipanema, Carmelitas and Fogo e Paixão and more current blocks such as sertaneja, axé and funk music (Fervo da Lud, Bloco da Preta, Chora Liga and Bloco das Poderosas). Regardless of your choice, you can be sure that there will be plenty of fun.

  • Sambadrome

The Rio de Janeiro Sambadrome, also known as the samba walkway, is located on Avenida Marquês de Sapucaí, in downtown Rio de Janeiro. Outside the carnival period, it is possible to visit the Sambódromo and the Samba Museum for free during the day. From December onwards, it is used for the rehearsals of samba schools.

The sambadrome is the perfect place for those interested in seeing all the beauty of the samba school parades. It is divided into sectors and at the back of the sectors, it is possible to find several fast food options.

In total there are 5 options for tickets to watch the parades: Bleachers, Frisas, Covered Frisas, numbered chairs and Boxes. The differences are location and values.

Regardless of the option you choose, know that enjoying the Carnival period in Rio de Janeiro is wonderful.

Enjoy a lot and be happy!

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