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Enjoying Rio de Janeiro

16/04/2020 15:51
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Enjoying Rio de Janeiro

Planning to visit Rio de Janeiro? So how about visiting like a real Carioca? Rio has many tourist attractions known worldwide as Sugarloaf Mountain, Christ the Redeemer, and its beautiful beaches. Failing to visit these attractions cannot be an option, as those who visit Rio cannot miss visiting them. But today in our BLOG we will give you some incredible tips and likes by the Cariocas themselves, so you can have other options for routes and enjoy much more of this Wonderful City.

  1. Cultural and alternative attractions

Rio has many options for cultural tours. Set aside space in your itinerary to visit Museums such as the Museum of Tomorrow and MAR. Another excellent program is to visit the CCBB (Cultural Center of Banco do Brasil). Full of varied exhibitions that please the whole family.

Another tour option is to visit the Feira do Rio Antigo. This fair takes place on the 1st Saturday of the month. There you can find handicrafts, antiques, and many street artists. It happens at Rua do Lavradio - Lapa and it's free. The place also has several restaurants with typical foods, including the famous feijoada.

  1. Breakfast with a beautiful view

Carioca has a great habit of drinking coffee outside the home and today you will know two options that delight everyone in Rio.

The first is to have a nice breakfast at Parque Lage. With a beautiful view, you can enjoy a classic and diverse coffee, surrounded by a beautiful garden.

Another option is to have coffee at Confeitaria Colombo do Forte de Copacabana. This is a classic carioca program. If you sit and enjoy the best landscapes in Rio, there is no price. You can still take the opportunity and visit the Fort and the Forte Museum.

  1. Outdoor activities

Rio is full of places to stroll outdoors. Trails with incredible views, cycling in Lagoa or Aterro do Flamengo and enjoying beautiful parks like Jardim Botânico, Parque Lage, and Quinta da Boa Vista. These are tour tips that Cariocas love.

  1. Night tours

Lapa is certainly an excellent option for a night tour. There we find the best samba circles in Rio and super simple yet welcoming bars.

Other options are Baixo Botafogo and Baixo Tijuca. Clusters of bars, perfect for meeting people. With the variety of bars and restaurants in the place, Baixo Botafogo and Baixo Tijuca, have become meeting points for bohemian carioca.

Now with these tips, you can venture into Rio de Janeiro a born Carioca.

Follow our BLOG and see this and many other travel tips.

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