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Incredible trails to do in Rio de Janeiro

17/03/2020 17:33
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Incredible trails to do in Rio de Janeiro

trilhas incríveis no rio de janeiro

Do you love to connect with nature? If so, know that in Rio de Janeiro we have great options for trails that will delight you. But if you think that you are not in the best physical shape or that you would need to be a professional for this type of tour, you are very wrong. The city of Rio de Janeiro offers hiking options for all tastes, including those who have no experience in this art.

These tours will unite the possibility of getting to know Rio from other angles but also allow you to do physical activity and at the same time enjoy urban forests, mountains, buildings from different periods, waterfalls and much more.

For you to get inspired and get excited, we have made a list of some trails in Rio so that you can get to know the city differently. Strive and loosen up a little because the views are breathtaking.

  1. Costão de Itaquatiara

This trail is not in the city of Rio, but it is very worthwhile to travel a little to Niterói and be  enchanted. The trail has moderate difficulty and can be done in half an hour. It has a path of 1km and the stone is 217m high. An amazing tip is to climb the coast in the late afternoon to accompany the sunset!

  1. Parque Lage trail that leads to Corcovado

Tourists usually arrive at Cristo Redentor or via cable car or van, but arriving at Cristo via the Serra da Carioca trail is an incredible sensation. Even though it requires a little more care and physical preparation, this trail is an excellent option. With a route of approximately 2km, the walk can be done on average in 3 hours.

  1. Morro da Urca Trail

This trail is an alternative, in addition to the traditional cable car. The climb takes an average of half an hour and is super smooth. On this trail, it is even common to find children adventuring. Upon arriving at Morro da Urca, you will have one of the most beautiful views of Rio de Janeiro. Ideal place for incredible records.

  1. Pedra da Gávea

Despite being one of the most sought after by hikers, this trail has a difficult level and it is recommended that it be done in the company of guides or experienced people who usually do this trail frequently. It has a practically straight wall with stones, which requires great care. Ideal to take safety equipment.

** An important tip is to make these trails always accompanied, especially if you do not know the area.

Now just put an appropriate and comfortable shoe on your feet, bring water to hydrate yourself and play in this wonderful universe of trails. Good walk!

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