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Must-see tours of the Marvelous City

25/02/2020 20:10
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Must-see tours of the Marvelous City

Wonderful City is full of a thousand charms ... The song describes very well this beautiful city that leaves Cariocas and tourists dazzled.

In Rio, we can find a bit of everything, famous sights, beautiful beaches, trails with stunning views, historic center and much more. What is not lacking in Rio is a tour option for all ages and tastes.

And to help you know a little more about Rio and to be able to plan your itinerary more easily, let's talk here on the BLOG about some unmissable tours:

One of the most popular tourist spots in Rio de Janeiro is certainly the Christ the Redeemer. Traveling to Rio de Janeiro and not knowing Christ the Redeemer will leave your trip with that taste that something was missing. Seeing Christ with open arms up close, for sure will be one of the best feelings of your life. A unique experience. The extraordinary statue of Cristo Redentor is located at the top of Corcovado Hill. It is 30 meters high and has 8 meters of a pedestal. It is 709 meters above sea level and because it is so high, it is possible to see it from different points in the city of Rio de Janeiro. The view of Christ the Redeemer is simply stunning!

There are those in the South Zone (the most famous) like Copacabana, Leme,

Arpoador, Ipanema, and Leblon. In addition to these, there are the beaches of the West Zone that are also worth visiting such as Praia da Reserva, Praia da Barra, Prainha, Grumari and Praia do Perigoso.

  • Maracanã

It is possible to take a tour of the Stadium getting to know the backstage and the best is to be able to get very close to the pitch, the stage for World Cups and the Olympic Games. The tour lasts 40 minutes, on average, and can be done with guides or individually and is available every day until 16]30.

Did you know that you can get to know the sights of Rio uniquely? That's right! With a helicopter flight, you can live unforgettable moments in Rio.

At RIOCOPTER / you can choose one of the available tours or even create your itinerary. This will be a super different and surprising tour.

Access the link https://www.riocopter.com.br/en and make your reservation now! Be sure to enjoy this wonder!

  • Museum of Tomorrow

The Museum became the focal point of Praça Mauá and cost 300 million reais.

With a bold architectural project, surrounded by gardens, leisure areas and awater mirror, the Museum of Tomorrow itself is already a work of art. Its metallic cover advances over the sea and due to its hollow structure, it guarantees unique lighting that pleases everyone who visits it. This area at the entrance to the Museum guarantees everyone beautiful photos.

  • Incredible trails

The city of Rio de Janeiro offers hiking options for all tastes, including those who have no experience in this art. These tours will unite the possibility of getting to know Rio from other angles but also allow you to do physical activity and at the same time enjoy urban forests, mountains, buildings from different periods, waterfalls and much more. Trails such as Pedra Bonita, Pedra do Telégrafo, Morro da Urca, Pico da Tijuca Mirim and others enchant everyone who visits Rio.

  • Parks to relax

Cariocas are very proud to have a perfect place to walk, ride a bike, bathe in a waterfall or even enjoy incredible views, the Tijuca National Park. You can also enjoy the beautiful Parque Lage and Jardim Botânico, as well as the Zoo at Quinta da Boa Vista and Parque, do Flamengo. These are wonderful family outings.

With these tips, I'm sure you will have a trip that will stay in your memory forever. Enjoy every minute and have fun!

Contact us through our website www.riocopter.com.br/en. Our opening hours are Monday to Sunday: from 7:00 am to 10:00 pm or through oue whatsapp +55 (21) 98171-4002. Our address is Avenida Ayrton Senna, 2541, Rua D2 Hangar - Barra da Tijuca - Rio de Janeiro - RJ

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