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“Must-do” tours in Rio de Janeiro

24/10/2019 10:24
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Getting to know Rio de Janeiro is the dream of many tourists, isn't it? But it is wrong to think that in Rio de Janeiro only has beaches as a fun option. Don't even fall for this story. Rio de Janeiro is a city with many attractions and offers a different structure for its visitors. It has a ride to suit all tastes and styles, whether for children or adults.

But precisely because it has a wide variety of attractions you must plan before you travel. This way you can analyze your preferences, get local tips and make your schedule enjoying every minute of your trip.

Now rest assured that in our posts we will help you with incredible tips for some tours that will delight you in Rio. Today we will cite 5 unmissable tips:

  • Panoramic helicopter flight

 Have you thought about Rio de Janeiro with an incredible and privileged view? So if you dream about it, be sure to take a helicopter ride. You can choose which route and travel time. With the panoramic flight, you will have the opportunity to know various sights in a single ride. It's a ride to stay in your memory. One of the most valuable tips we can give you is to keep your cell phone with lots of memory and battery because surely you will have many amazing moments to shoot and film.

  • Christ the Redeemer – Corcovado

 Christ is surely the most popular tourist spot in RJ. Chosen as one of the seven wonders of the world, the 38-meter-high statue of Christ stands atop Corcovado Hill. It is an attraction that guarantees a wonderful view of Rio de Janeiro.

  • Sugar Loaf

 Sugarloaf, also one of the most sought after tourist spots, is 400 meters above sea level. You get on a cable car (all cable car) for a better view of the city. Both at Morro da Urca, the first stop and the second stop you can take  impressive photos because the view is breathtaking.

  • Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas

Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas is located in the south zone of Rio de Janeiro. Beautiful place, nice and much sought by Cariocas and tourists to practice sports and walk using the pedal boat of the lagoon.

  • Maracanã Stadium

One of the best-known stadiums in the world, Maracanã welcomes tourists even on days without soccer games. You can take a guided tour, which gives you the right to know the lawn, the changing room, the press room, the stands, the grandstand, the Hall of Fame and the Football Museum. Kids will love it, but you can be sure that adults will have a great time too, especially if you're a football fan.

These are some of the amazing tours you can plan to do in Rio de Janeiro. In our next posts, we will talk about other tours that will delight you.

Now schedule and come to know Rio de Janeiro, because the Cariocas are waiting for you with open arms.


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