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Rio de Janeiro - Charming and different walks

03/03/2020 17:27
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Rio de Janeiro is wonderful! Not only the Capital, which is world-famous but the State of the Southeast Region as a whole, is full of interesting places and attractions.

Usually, when the tourist arrives in Rio, he does not have a very broad itinerary. It ends up focusing on the most popular tourist spots like Sugarloaf Mountain, Christ the Redeemer and the famous beaches. But the truth is that Rio has much more to offer than its famous postcards. Nature tours, trails, historic sites, and several cultural activities. That's why we have listed some of these attractions that are worth including in your itinerary.


A very charming place that few people know. Built-in the 18th century to link Rua do Ouvidor to Praça XV. Alley does not pass cars, surrounded by bars, studios, and restaurants. On Thursdays, it is usually very busy due to the samba circle and at the time of the carnival, there is still the Bloco Boitatá.


A small island in Barra da Tijuca with a picturesque air and accessed only by boat. Ilha da Gigoia has wooden houses on stilts, restaurants, and inns. The highlight of the tour is to enjoy the sunset before leaving the island.


Founded in 1808, Fábrica Bhering was the first chocolate factory in Brazil. Today it is an incredible cultural center with art galleries, ateliers, shops, wineries, restaurants, and events.


A small oasis between the Marambaia sandbank and deserted beaches. The region of great nature and known for offering restaurants specializing in seafood. With stunning views and the well-known Pedra do Telégrafo.


A very hidden place in Rio can be accessed by Praia da Macumba or by a trail. Known for its natural and crystalline pools, formed between the rocks. A little busy place especially during the week.


Place with a lot of arts such as music, cinema, visual arts, dance, in addition to the charming museum amid the ruins. Venue with galleries for various exhibitions and presentations. It also has an extensive green area to relax and stunning views of Lapa, Guanabara Bay, and downtown Rio.

Now with these tips, in addition to visiting the famous sights of Rio, leave space in your itinerary for these incredible tours. You will not regret!

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