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Rio de Janeiro's beaches - how not to be enchanted!

09/11/2020 17:12
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Rio de Janeiro's beaches - how not to be enchanted

As praias do Rio de Janeiro – como não se encantar!

Rio is one of the most sought after and best-known destinations in Brazil and the world. It is no secret that Rio is full of wonderful beaches. Each with its charms that leave everyone who visits dazzled. We can find paradisiacal beaches that offer beauty, tranquility, and tranquility. But we can also find beaches for those who want to be very close to the bustle of the Marvelous City.

And today in our BLOG we will give you some tips on beaches that are in cities close to the capital and that you need to know:

Farol Beach (Arraial do Cabo)

Considered one of the best beaches in Rio, Praia do Farol has crystal clear waters and it is possible to come across marine life. The landscape of the place is incredible and breathtaking. Its access can only be done by boat trips and it is a beach controlled by the Navy, that is, it is only possible to stay 1 hour on the beach. But what we can guarantee is that it is very worth knowing.

Lopes Mendes Beach (Ilha Grande)

It was already on the list of the 20 most beautiful beaches in the world. Its crystal clear water and a large expanse of sand leave all tourists with their mouths open. It is possible to arrive by boat or by a hiking trail considered difficult and long, but for those who like the adventure, it is an excellent option.

Praia Vermelha (Paraty)

Accessed also by boat, Praia Vermelha has an impressive beauty. Its crystalline waters leave the paradisiacal place.

• Ferradurinha Beach (Búzios)

A small hidden beach, but that has already been discovered by many tourists from the city of Búzios. To get there you need a simple walk because you can't getthere by car. The scenery is stunning.

• Praia do Forte (Cabo Frio)

The city's main beach, Praia do Forte is impressive. Its transparent waters and the scenery make the place one of the most frequented beaches in the region. Today we talk about 5 amazing beaches, but of course, there is much more.

Venture through Rio and be amazed by unbelievable places.

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