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Strolling through Rio de Janeiro

02/04/2020 17:20
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Strolling through Rio de Janeiro

Walking, meeting new places, new people and making your mind lighter is important in everyone's life. With the day to day running and with many worries, nothing better than to live light, calm days and without thinking about the problems, at least for a little while.

Rio is the perfect city to live in these moments. Filled with natural beauty and world-famous tourist spots, the Marvelous City offers fun for everyone.

Today in our BLOG we will talk about some tours that can leave you with a more invigorating air of such beauty and tranquility.

  1. 1. Botanical Garden

Created by Dom João VI in 1808, with 8 thousand species of plants and flowers from all over the world. Tourists can visit the greenhouse and the nursery. There is also a sensory garden, dedicated to people with visual impairments.

  1. 2. Tijuca National Park

With 4 thousand hectares, the Tijuca National Park is the largest urban nature reserve in the world. It has trails, viewpoints, waterfalls that offer spectacular views of the Marvelous City.

  1. 3. Quinta da Boa Vista

Park located in the neighborhood of São Cristovão. An excellent area for the family to enjoy the green and play sports. It has a paddleboat on the lagoon, sports courts, the National Museum and Zoo. Very popular for picnics.

  1. 4. Parque Lage

With an area of 348 thousand m2 of Atlantic Forest with lakes, gardens, trails, walkways and picnic areas. It also has a very charming cafe that is visited mainly on Sunday mornings.

  1. 5. Helicopter tour

And for those who want a more complete tour, where you can get to know various sights uniquely and surprisingly, we have the helicopter tour. That's right! With a helicopter flight, you can live unforgettable moments in Rio.

At RIOCOPTER you can choose one of the available tours or even create your itinerary. This will be a super different and surprising tour.

Access the link https://www.riocopter.com.br/en  and make your reservation now! Be sure to enjoy this wonder!

Contact us through our website www.riocopter.com.br/en. Our opening hours are from Monday to Sunday: from 7a00 am to 10a00 pm or through our WhatsApp +55 (21) 98171-4002. Our address is Avenida Ayrton Senna, 2541; Rua D2 hangar - Barra da Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro - RJ - Brazil - CEP: 22775-002.!

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