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Surprise for the kids

19/11/2020 14:29
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Surprise for the kids

Surpresa para a criançada

  The weekend is coming and the parents are already thinking about activities to do with the kids that make the day unique and unforgettable. Gifts like toys, clothes, games are great, but nothing that compares to memories that will be carried into our children's lives.
  Today in our BLOG we will give 6 tour tips that will delight the kids and make your
trip something unforgettable

  • Pão de Açúcar cable car:

  A great tour tip especially if it is done around 4 pm, which in addition to the view of the Marvelous City, you can watch the sunset.

  • Copacabana Fort:

  Located near Arpoador, the Copacabana Fort offers an incredible view of Rio In addition to the Fort, it is possible to visit the Forte Museum and have a delicious breakfast at Confeitaria Colombo.

  • Stroll along the edge of Rio's beaches:

  Children love the beach, don't they? So this tip can be to spend a day at one of the beautiful beaches of Rio de Janeiro, or even stroll along the shore when the sun is weak and ending with delicious coconut water at one of the many kiosks on the shore.

  • Parque dos Patins:

  Located in Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas, Parque dos Patins is an area created for the whole family. With sports courts, bike paths, pedal boats, and an extensive green area used for picnics, the Park is very popular on weekends.

  • Theater:

  In Rio, we have access to several theaters, many located in shopping centers in the city. A variety of children's pieces available for children to stay in touch with culture and have a lot of fun.

• Helicopter tour:

  A ride that will be forever in the kids' minds. Flying over beautiful Rio de Janeiro is truly an indescribable sensation. Take a camera with a lot of battery to record everything from up there.

Rio is really beautiful and has many places that will please and a lot of the kids. Venture out!

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