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Tips for getting to know Christ the Redeemer

04/04/2022 13:20
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Tips for getting to know Christ the Redeemer

There's no way to talk about Rio de Janeiro and not immediately remember the statue of Christ the Redeemer, right?

Corcovado is the most visited tourist attraction in the Marvelous City. In 2007, the statue was elected one of the 7 Wonders of the Modern World, as were Machu Picchu, Coliseum, Táj Mahal, Great Wall of China, Petra (Jordan) and Pyramid of Kukulcan in Mexico.

The 30m tall statue is made of soapstone and reinforced concrete. There are more than 8 m of pedestal and 28 m of distance between the hands. All this grandeur right on top of Pedra do Corcovado, at 710m above sea level, allowing the image to be seen from various points of the city.

We cannot say that it is a mandatory tour for anyone visiting Rio, but we believe that if it is part of your itinerary, for sure, you will not regret having gone. And regardless of religion, visit the monument and be enchanted by the stunning view of the Marvelous City.

How to reach Christ the Redeemer?

There are a few options:

• On foot – Many do not know this information, but it is possible to visit Christ on foot. For those who are very fit, there is a trail that leaves Parque Lage. Trail considered difficult and to                 access the Cristo area, you have to buy a ticket at the ticket office (which is cheaper because you have not used any transport).

 • By van – in this case you have two options: Take the van in Copacabana or Largo do Machado or opt for the van at the foot of Corcovado.

• By train – the route is very beautiful, with lots of woods and always with the train windows open. A very fun tour with incredible views. To access it, you need to go to Rua do Cosme Velho by         taxi, uber or bus. Access is simple.

 • Helicopter tour – This option is wonderful, as in addition to flying over Christ the Redeemer, you will also fly over several other attractions in Rio. The view of Rio from a helicopter is                  truly amazing and will be forever in your memory. This is definitely an amazing option.

What we can say is that the views from up there are really wonderful. The river at your feet is chilling.

So if you're going to visit Rio, don't miss this opportunity. Come and feel the human warmth of cariocas

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