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What not to forget on the day of the helicopter tour in Rio?

18/05/2021 13:23
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What not to forget on the day of the helicopter tour in Rio?

See important tips to pay attention to on the day of your helicopter tour in Rio de Janeiro!

If you are planning to take a scenic flight through the Marvelous City, some points need your attention so that this special moment is truly unforgettable.

Today in our BLOG we will give tips to help make this day an unforgettable moment:

What can't be forgotten?

As we talked about before, if this is your first time on the helicopter tour, some points need your attention.

• A very important point is your protection, so it is very important that you don't forget your sunscreen. Rio de Janeiro is a very hot city and when flying aboard a helicopter, the sun's rays are           even stronger.
• Wear sunglasses! The glasses, in addition to protecting your eyes, will help you to see the landscape better.
• Wear light and comfortable clothes and, as for shoes, prefer closed ones that areb attached to the feet. Avoid flip-flops and sandals so they don't come off your feet!
• All passengers must have an original document with photo in hand. Only with this document is boarding the aircraft authorized.
• And when you take a panoramic flight, what you can't miss is a machine or cell phone with memory space and lots of battery. You won't want to miss the opportunity to record this unique               and amazing moment in your life, right?

Be enchanted with the helicopter tour in Rio de Janeiro!

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