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What to do in Niterói?

05/12/2020 19:12
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What to do in Niterói?

Niterói e seus encantos

In our BLOG, we always give tour tips in Rio de Janeiro, but we usually emphasize the capital of Rio de Janeiro. But today we will give you some tips for tours in a city as incredible as Niterói.

Many tourists, when visiting the Marvelous City, are interested in getting to know this city, which is only 13 km away and a 20-minute drive. Cultural, natural, and architectural attractions are reasons for you not to miss this opportunity.

To get to Niterói just cross the Rio-Niterói Bridge or make the journey using the
ferries. Niterói has about 500 thousand inhabitants and offers beautiful landscapes of mountains and green areas.

  Incredible tours

•   Niemeyer Way - It is a cultural center designed by architect Oscar Niemeyer of enormous architectural value. Created to revitalize the city's edge, the                    complex has an extension of 11km, from the Center to the South Zone.
•   Museum of Contemporary Art (MAC) - Opened in 1996, also by the architect Oscar Niemeyer, the Museum is one of the main postcards of the city. With              a futuristic facade, it features Brazilian works from the 50s.
•   Oceanic Beaches - The beaches with the best bathing conditions are those inthe Oceanic Region (Camboinhas Beaches, Itaipu Beach, Piratininga                        Beach, and Sossego Beach).
•   Botanical Garden of Niterói - if you like to walk or even have a picnic, the Botanical Garden of Niterói is an excellent choice. With 260 thousand square
meters and varied rare species of trees, it is a great place for a family day.
•   Cantareira - this is an option for those who like a bohemian atmosphere. Located next to UFF it usually attracts many young people.
•   Ilha da Boa Viagem - An islet that is open to the public, located near the MAC, and is accessed by the Mirante da Boa Viagem. It has a 17th century                       chapel and ruins of an old fort. It can only be visited on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays.

Of course, Niterói has much more to explore, but we will tell you in another post. Have a good time!

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