Helicopter Tour in Rio

Live an unforgettable experience on your visit to Rio

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minutes flight



points of interest

R$ 745

each person


R$ 595

3 people Special

Classic Tour

Take a flight that you will remember for a lifetime!

Classic Tour

Take a flight that you will remember for a lifetime!


minutes flight



points of interest

R$ 745

each person


R$ 595

3 people Special

Deluxe Tour

A helicopter tour with impressive views.


minutes flight



points of interest

R$ 1145

each person


R$ 895

3 people Special

V.I.P. Tour

The most spectacular experience of your visit to Rio.


minutes flight



points of interest

R$ 1545

each person


R$ 1145

3 people Special


Your tour recorded in 360º Cam


See the feeling of those who have lived this incredible experience.


There is nothing more important to us than ensuring your safety.


We use the best aircrafts for this operation, avoiding extra costs, burdening our prices.


Comfort in a fleet of modern helicopters with 180º visibility.

Unforgettable experience

Experience an Unforgettable Rio de Janeiro Helicopter Tour

There is no other place in the world like Rio de Janeiro! Our scenic helicopter tours are the perfect solution whether you’re planning a romantic date, proposal, an exciting weekend outing or just feeling adventurous. Take in stunning aerial views of world-famous landmarks while riding in style and comfort. All tours are personally narrated by friendly and experienced pilots.

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The best helicopter ride in Río de Janeiro.

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RIOCOPTER Helicopter Tours is simply the best and most highly rated helicopter flight company in the city of Rio de Janeiro – Brazil. Its mission is to provide an international standard tourist air service. Fly with professionals in Doors-On(with doors) or Doors-Off(no doors) helicopters, giving you visual access to the most incredible landscapes and the thrill of flying over this unique place that is Rio de Janeiro.

When should I arrive?

You must be on time for pre-flight information and safety instructions. In addition, we will ensure that the passenger form is completed and signed and that cameras and smartphones are properly secured on open-door flights. Door-off flights require passengers to arrive at the RIOCOPTER base 45 minutes before flight time. Doors-on flights require an arrival 30 minutes before flight time. If you do not arrive at our location at the designated time, you will forfeit your flight. We will be happy to arrange transportation to ensure you arrive on time. Just add the car service option to your order and we'll coordinate everything for you.

What is the cancellation policy?

If you decide to cancel, no problem! Cancellation is free. We just ask that you let us know as soon as possible. Scheduling changes can be made up to 4 hours before departure time free of charge. If the weather affects your flight, you can choose to cancel or reschedule your flight.

Are there any weight restrictions?

Yes, as per the manufacturer's guidelines, passengers exceeding 135 kg or 297 lbs will not be able to fly any of our Robinson helicopters. For BELL Jet Ranger or Eurocopter AS 350 helicopters, there are no weight restrictions. Due to the calculated weight and balance of the aircraft, any passenger over 310 pounds, including all equipment brought aboard the helicopter, must purchase a second seat.

Will my flight time change?

We always intend to fly at the scheduled departure time. That said, there are circumstances beyond our control that could affect your departure time. We recommend that you check your WhatsApp or email before traveling to your flight for important updates.

Is there any age restriction?

On Doors-off flights, the minimum age allowed to fly is 12 years. On Doors-on flights, there are no age restrictions. Please note that if you are under the age of 18, your parent or guardian will be required to accompany you. On Doors-on flights: children under 2 years can fly as infants. All children aged 2 years and over must purchase a seat to fly. Everyone who flies must demonstrate that they can physically comply with our safety instructions.

How does seating work?

Seating is based on the weight & balance of the helicopter. All passengers are weighed upon arrival at the RIOCOPTER base. Once weights have been collected, seating will be determined to ensure flights are operated safely.

Will I sit next to my partner?

We make every effort to ensure that friends, family, and couples feel together, but due to seat configurations and aircraft weight and balance calculations, we are not always able to accommodate. Speak with a RIOCOPTER agent upon arrival for any specific requests.

How many people fly on each flight?

We take up to 3 passengers on “Shared Flights” (all seats are window) and up to 5 passengers on “Private Flights”. Donʼt worry; if youʼre flying solo, weʼll pair you with others. We require a minimum of 2 passengers to take off one of the helicopters.

What do you do if there is bad weather?

At RIOCOPTER, safety is our number one priority. If the weather on the day of your flight is questionable, we will place a “Go" or “No Go" call two (2) hours before your scheduled departure time. Check your email and WhatsApp frequently for updates on the day of your flight.

May I use cash to pay for RIOCOPTER products?

RIOCOPTER does accept cash and all major credit card issuers as a method of payment.


RIOCOPTER is proud to collect a total of ZERO accidents since its inauguration. All aircraft are maintained by ANAC's strict regulatory standards. Our passionate and dedicated pilots receive annual training from the manufacturers and perform an annual ANAC verification. They have thousands of hours of flying experience in all climates, terrains, and conditions, ensuring your safety.

What if my flight does not meet its minimum requirements to fly?

If your flight does not meet the minimum number of passengers required to fly, we may have to adjust your departure time to combine you with other passengers. Please check your email and WhatsApp before your flight for any possible important updates!

What should I wear?

Winter flights: what matters is the layers! The layers provide extra protection from the cold. You should prepare for extra warm-up, as the thermal sensation factors caused by the helicopter in motion require more protection on doorless flights. A jacket will suffice, as Rio de Janeiro is not so cold in winter.

Summer flights: We recommend wearing comfortable, weather-appropriate clothing – trousers or shorts for maximum comfort in our Doors-Off flight harness. Remember that it will be windy – baggy clothes are not recommended. Please note that only well-tied or strapped shoes are allowed – no slippers allowed.

Do you fly in the winter?

RIOCOPTER operates year-round!

What if I wear contacts or glasses?

If you wear contacts, we recommend you bring sunglasses to protect your eyes. Glasses are ok to fly with as long as they remain in place for the duration of your flight.

Can I schedule a private helicopter tour?

Absolutely! Please contact us to discuss options.

What if the time I need to fly is sold out?

Contact us and we will do our best to accommodate.

What if Iʼm only in town for a short period?

There's no better way to cover the entire city than to see it from 2500 feet away. We recommend that you fly in the middle of the day – between 10 am and 4 pm. Generally, the atmosphere will be more favorable during this period. Sunset flights do not always turn out as expected, but if the day is perfect, it will be a beautiful flight. Use our round-trip shuttle service to ensure a quick trip to and from our Base.

Does my flight time start right away?

The contracted flight time is counted from the start to the shutdown of the engine, being subject to air traffic flow conditions, authorizations from air traffic control agencies, and weather conditions.

What should I bring?

Bring a valid photo ID (driver's license, state ID or passport) and something you'd like to film and take pictures with!

What camera gear should I bring?

We recommend that you bring what you feel comfortable shooting. Of course, your lens and camera depend on what you want to capture. If you want to take pictures of yourself and your friends, we recommend a wider lens, such as 16-35. However, if you want to capture a mix of each with the photos around you, we recommend a 24-70 lens. If you want to capture details of buildings and landscapes around you, we recommend a 70-200. Lens filters, hoods, and lens changes are not allowed on doors-off flights, so you should always bring a camera body and lens that fits the desired shots.

Are you a professional photographer?

If you are a professional photographer, we recommend purchasing a private flight. This will give you unparalleled flexibility in determining your flight route and managing your list of sights.

Do you rent cameras?

Yes! We offer an amazing 360-degree camera service. Ask your agent about service and prices.

Can I bring my gimbal?

All handheld gimbals are subject to pilot approval.

When is the best time to fly?

For first-time aerial photographers, we recommend a midday or morning flight, where there's plenty of light to capture the iconic views from the air. For the more experienced photographer looking for a bit of challenge, a sunset or later flight is a great option.

Will there be others on my flight?

For shared flights… Yes, it's possible. 

For private flights… No.

Want to host a special event with RIOCOPTER?

Want to plan a birthday party, a bachelor party weekend, or a wedding proposal? Get in touch with us on WhatsApp to plan your special event!


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