Enchanting trails in Rio de Janeiro

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Enchanting trails in Rio de Janeiro

Trilhas encantadoras no Rio de Janeiro

It is no wonder that the city of Rio receives the name WONDERFUL CITY. Rio is full of world-famous attractions and a lot of natural beauty. It also has the advantage of being practically warm all year round, which delights all tourists. The tour options are many, but today in our BLOG we will give you tips on some lovely trails in Rio.

In Rio, you will find trails of all levels, from the quietest, excellent for beginners, and some that require more experience, skill, and even help from professionals.

  • Beautiful stone

One of the most famous trails among tourists. Although steep, the trail is easily accessible and has a light to moderate level. Well located and is within the Tijuca National Park. Estimated time of 40 minutes. At the top with an incredible view, you can see Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas, Morro dos Dois Irmãos, Barra da Tijuca, Cristo Redentor, and the beautiful Pedra da Gávea.

  • Pedra da Gávea

Considering a difficult trail, that’s why we recommend that it be done with the help of more experienced guides or friends. Many love it and others fear it, but it is a trail that delights everyone. Its journey is long, mainly because of the dreaded carrasqueira (part of which it is necessary to be very careful and ideal to be with safety equipment). The look is wonderful. From its top, you can see Barra da Tijuca, São Conrado, and other neighborhoods in the south. Estimated time of 3 hours and 30 minutes.

  • Caves Circuit

A longer trail, with almost 5km and can be done around 3 hours. It is considered light but requires good physical conditioning. It is very much chosen by beginners. The view of the trail is incredible, full of rocky caves and even a small waterfall, but which gives a reinvigorated hike. Estimated time of 3 hours.

  • Pico da Pedra Branca Trail

Long, but considered light and quiet. The 1024 meters high Pico da Pedra Bonita is the highest in the city. With 11 km uphill, its estimated time is around 3 hours. With specimens of flora and fauna, excellent to observe and photograph.

An important tip is to make these trails always accompanied, especially if you do not know the area. All trails require care and prior preparation.

Now just put an appropriate and comfortable shoe on your feet, bring water to hydrate yourself, and play in this wonderful universe of trails. Good walk!

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