Knowing Rio de Janeiro – What are the best tours?

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Knowing Rio de Janeiro – What are the best tours?

Many tourists when they arrive in Rio de Janeiro already have a good part of the script ready. But you can be sure that it contains the most famous tourist spots, such as Pão de Açúcar, Cristo Redentor and its beautiful beaches. But Rio is much more than that. Rio offers many other attractions as wonderful as these and you will be surprised. Therefore, today in our BLOG we will list some tours, perhaps, still little known, but that will be worth including in your itinerary through the Marvelous City.

What to do in Rio?

  1. Botanical Garden

Created by Dom João VI in 1808, with 8 thousand species of plants and flowers from all over the world. Tourists can visit the greenhouse and the nursery. There is also a sensory garden, dedicated to people with visual impairments.

  1. Helicopter tour

The panoramic flight through Rio allows you to see several classic attractions and many other impressive and unforgettable landscapes uniquely. For this we recommend hiring a company specialized in helicopter tours.

RIOCOPTER Helicopter Tours offers helicopter tours with a panoramic view of Rio de Janeiro in comfort and style. You can choose from the existing 30.45 or 60 minute script options or even build your script. Imagine that incredible? Join us for a helicopter tour of Rio unlike any other in the region.

  1. Ethnic Wall

The mural is located in the Port Zone, which has been completely revitalized and has attracted locals and tourists. The mural features human faces of indigenous people from all continents. You find a lot of color and life.

  1. Parque das Ruínas

Located in Santa Teresa, it offers a beautiful view of the city. It is a Cultural Center with exhibitions and presentations. Beautiful and mandatory place in Rio.

  1. São Cristóvão Fair

The Fair has the best of Northeastern culture. The place has many restaurants where you will find many typical dishes of the region. Much dance and joy at this fair.

  1. Baixo Gávea

Rio, in addition to a lot of nature, also combines with bohemia. Baixo Gávea has several bars and restaurants attracting young people and celebrities. Cool and pleasant climate

These are just some incredible attractions in Rio. So enjoy and have a lot of fun.

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