Knowing the Museum of Tomorrow

Knowing the Museum of Tomorrow

museu do amanhã

Rio de Janeiro is full of sights that delight city residents and tourists. Visiting this city and enjoying its wonders is truly a privilege. Getting to know Christ the Redeemer and Sugar Loaf, visiting the beautiful beaches of the city, spending a relaxing afternoon at Parque Lage or the Botanical Gardens, are one of the many attractions we find in Rio de Janeiro.

But after the revitalization carried out in the port region of Rio, the center of Rio de Janeiro became a mandatory presence in the itineraries of the city’s visitors. A reference to this revitalization is the Museum of Tomorrow. The Museum became the focal point of Praça Mauá and cost 300 million reais. In this post, we give some tips and information about this tourist spot.

With a bold architectural design, surrounded by gardens, play areas and a water mirror, the Museum of Tomorrow itself is already a work of art. Its metal cover advances over the sea and due to its hollow structure ensure unique lighting that pleases all who visit. This area of the Museum entrance guarantees everyone beautiful pictures.

Knowing the Museum Inside

The Museum of Tomorrow is a different museum, built with the ideals of sustainability and coexistence. It explores the challenges that people will face in the coming decades by providing a narrative on how we will be able to live the next 50 years.

With a great installation on the course of the planet. Its collection is of information that is offered to visitors. The visitor needs to interact, discover secrets, explore paths, accumulate skills and knowledge that will be used in the next room. In each room, new information is transmitted. Everyone is stimulated through questions like, Where did we come from? Where are we? Who we are? Where are we going? And how do we want to go? You decide which sequence to follow.

Throughout all phases, Cosmos, Earth, Anthropocene, Tomorrow, and Us, the visitor is provoked to think about the legacy we will leave to our children and grandchildren.

All this content, during the 5 phases, is presented in Portuguese, English, and Spanish.

The visit can be made on average in 1 hour. This duration depends, of course, on what you will interact within each room you visit. Set aside at least 2 hours so you can do all the phases with peace of mind and still get to know and enjoy the outside of the Museum.


Tickets can be purchased online at and do not face queues. At the time can also be purchased the ticket, but only a quantity is reserved, so the idea is to anticipate and buy through the site.

The Museum is open from Tuesday to Sunday, from 10h to 18h (with last entrance at 17h).

Finishing the tour

The Port Zone region was very beautiful and attractive. So enjoy the day in the area and enjoy the sunset at the place. This will make your tour end incredibly and unforgettably.

Sitting on one of the square’s benches gazing at the sunset will be a stunning end to the ride.

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