Tips for Visiting Christ the Redeemer

Tips for Visiting Christ the Redeemer

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One of the best-known sights of Rio de Janeiro for sure is the Christ the Redeemer. Traveling to Rio de Janeiro and not knowing Christ the Redeemer will leave your trip with that little taste that something was missing. Seeing Christ with arms wide open will surely be one of the best feelings of your life. A unique experience. Being considered one of the seven wonders of the modern world can not be in vain, agree?

So let’s know a little more about this wonder!

The extraordinary statue of Christ the Redeemer is located at the top of Corcovado Hill. It is 30 meters high and has an 8 meters pedestal. It is 709 meters above sea level and being so high, you can see it from various points of the city of Rio de Janeiro. The view of Christ the Redeemer is simply stunning!

Ways to know Christ the Redeemer?

 Who wouldn’t want the opportunity to have a panoramic view of Rio de Janeiro with comfort and style? Surely a helicopter ride will bring you unforgettable moments. This tour will fly over the statue of Christ, giving you a 360º view not only of this monument but also of several other sights of Rio de Janeiro. RIOCOPTER – Helicopter Tours offers several panoramic flight plans of different lengths. You will have the opportunity to know Rio de Janeiro uniquely. Have you ever imagined the photos you could take from above? You can believe that being close to Christ will be a moment that will be forever marked in your life. Contact RIOCOPTER and make your reservation now.

  • In addition to the helicopter ride, Christ the Redeemer can be reached by Corcovado Train.

Getting to Christ the Redeemer by Corcovado train takes an average of 20 minutes and you can buy the ticket through the Corcovado Train website. On the site, you have the opportunity to plan, especially in high season, and choose the time to get on the train. The train leaves from Cosme Velho station and the ticket price of the Corcovado train varies according to the season and age of the visitor.

  • Accredited Vans

 The accredited vans depart from 4 points of the city, Barra da Tijuca, Copacabana, Largo do Machado and Paineiras. By purchasing the round trip ticket, you will also get the statue access ticket. On the Paineiras Corcovado website, you can get all the valuables information and you can choose the best place for your shipment. Prices vary according to the chosen date and boarding point.

  • By car

 The access by car allows only to go to the foot of Corcovado, from this location, it will be necessary to buy the ticket of accredited vans. Remembering that there is no parking.

Now that you know what ways to know Christ the Redeemer, I need to give you a one more important tip. Be sure to check the weather forecast for the day scheduled for your visit. Going to Christ on a day with good visibility and open skies has no equal. With a beautiful day, your trip will be unforgettable!

Now plan, enjoy the day and have a great ride! Rio de Janeiro awaits you with open arms.

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