Tips on how to visit Sugar Loaf

Tips on how to visit Sugar Loaf

pao de açucar

Rio de Janeiro is truly full of natural beauty. As the song goes: blessed by God and beautiful by nature. Here you can find amazing tour options with stunning views. But there is no way to talk about Rio and not think of an attraction that arouses the interest of Cariocas and tourists from around the world, the Sugar Loaf.

Like Christ the Redeemer, Sugar Loaf is a beautiful postcard of the city and a must-see tour. A complex of hills (Morro da Urca, Morro do Pão de Açúcar and Morro da Babilônia). At 396 meters, it offers a privileged view of  Guanabara Bay, Copacabana, Leblon Best Beaches in Rio de Janeiro – (Part 1)Beach, Ipanema, Flamengo Embankment and Pedra da Gávea, as well as being able to see Christ with open arms, blessing this wonderful city.

How is the visit?

The tour begins with the climb by the Sugar Loaf Cable Car, which is a registered trademark of Rio. This part is certainly already worth the ride. The ascent route is made in 2 stages: the first, starting at Praia Vermelha and going to Morro da Urca and the second from Morro da Urca to the Sugarloaf Mountain. On days with little movement, the cable cars leave every 20 minutes. Already in high season, depart as soon as they complete the number of passengers (65).

The first part of the route

The first part of the course, 500 meters long, takes an average of 3 minutes. From Morro da Urca it is not yet possible to see the whole view. At this point, you can see Urca and Aterro do Flamengo. In this space, we can find restaurants, cafeterias, cafes and many places to take beautiful pictures.

The second part of the route

To travel the 750 meters between the two hills, the cable car takes an average of 3 minutes. Almost twice as high as Morro da Urca you can see a much wider and impressive view. There is no time limit to stay in place, just pay attention to the time of the last cable car descent.


  • Operation from 8 am to 9 pm
  • Red Beach box office opening hours: 08b00 to 19b50
  • Morro da Urca box office opening hours: 8b30 am to 8b30 pm
  • First trip Praia Vermelha / Morro da Urca at 8b10 and last at 20b00.
  • Last trip Sugar Loaf Mountain / Morro da Urca: 20b40
  • Last trip Morro da Urca / Praia Vermelha: 21b00
  • Travel every 20 minutes, or reaching the capacity of 65 people.
  • Remember to hydrate well.
  • Do not forget about protection such as sunscreen, cap, and sunglasses.

The visit to Sugar Loaf can be done throughout the year, but an important tip is to choose a beautiful day, with sun and so you can contemplate all the beauty that the place can offer you.

Get ready and have a nice trip!

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