Traveling to Rio with children

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Traveling to Rio with children

Viajando para o Rio com crianças

One of the most popular places for Brazilians and foreigners to visit with the whole family in Rio de Janeiro. A city with a lot of natural beauty and attractions that delight the whole family. But does Rio have interesting tour options to do with children?

Yes!!! Rio is full of activities that children can enjoy and have a lot of fun.

Today in our BLOG we will give you tips on trips in Rio de Janeiro that children will love and have a lot of fun.

  • Museum of Tomorrow – With a grand and modern structure, the Museum is perfect for curious and learning children. Children are made to think about the future and are part of the environment and can touch interactive screens.
  • AquaRio – Largest Marine Aquarium in Brazil, AquaRio has several marine ecosystems and it is possible to observe reefs from different places in the world. Children can interact and get close to rays, fish, and sharks.
  • Beaches – Enjoying a beautiful sunny day on the beaches of Rio de Janeiro will make all the kids very happy. Stroll along the shore and drink coconut water at one of the kiosks.
  • Parque Laje – Walk that pleases the whole family. Starting the day with breakfast at the local cafeteria and then walking through the park’s gardens is an excellent walk.
  • Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas – One of the most famous tourist spots in Rio, Lagoa is an excellent option for walking with children. Cycling or even having a picnic will please the whole kids a lot.
  • Parque da Catacumba – Ecological reserve next to Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas, Parque da catacumba is a good place to enjoy with children.
  • Maracanã – For the child who loves football this is a great idea. They can get to know the backstage of the stadium, the locker rooms, the players’ warm-up room, and especially reach the edge of the lawn, in addition to sitting on the reserve benches.
  • Helicopter flight – And now a unique and dazzling option to visit various tourist spots. With a helicopter flight, you can live unforgettable moments in Rio.

At RIOCOPTER you can choose one of the available tours or even create your itinerary. This will certainly be a super different and surprising tour.

Access the link or through WhatsApp +55 (21) 98171-4002 and make your reservation now! Be sure to enjoy this wonder! Choose your option and come and be enchanted and relax in Rio de Janeiro!

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